PVC pipe fitting mould 003

  • Products Name:PVC pipe fitting mould 003
  • Date: 2019-11-22 15:48:55
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PVC pipe fitting mould 003

We manufacture quality PVC pipe fitting moulds and excellent after-sales service for customer satisfaction. We are the leading pipe mould manufacturer in Taizhou, China

PVC pressure pipe fitting moulds

Cooling: Optimal Cooling effectiveness, with

mould max adaption available, storke switch for slide action safety and prolonged PVC fitting mould life

PVC drainage / sewage pipe fitting moulds

Collapsible core PVC pipe fitting moulds:

We use mechanical core pulling for reliable motion, uniform size and high percentage of qualified finished products. Top quality steel presents the core with appropriate hardness and high tensile after a certain times of heat treatment, CNC deep processing and vacuum hardening, and matching surfaces shaving with special clamps, thus completing the moulding and core pulling processes and increase. Use advantage collapsible core system, reliable mould design, intensive cooling system, different material for slides making which ensure durable using, longer mould life.

PVC conduit pipe fitting moulds