Thinwall container mould

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  • Date: 2019/11/19 14:08:45
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Thinwall container mould

Thin wall mould manufacturer ,Remo mould is the most famous China thin wall mould factory.

Thin wall injection molding is a specialized form of conventional injection molding. The thin wall injection molding process focuses on mass producing plastic parts that are thin and light so the material cost saving can be made and cycle time can be as short as possible. Shorter cycle time means higher productivity and lower cost per part.

Thin wall mould is very popular all over the world market.(thin wall is generally refers to the product which wall thickness is about 0.40-0.60mm)

Remo mould is a professional thin wall mould manufacturer, every year ,many customers come to us for thin wall mould. After making so many thin wall moulds, we find good solutions for thin mould making.

Thin wall mould fabrication technical points.

1.thin wall mould need to select good steel and high speed injection machine

2.thin wall mould should be well design, especial for perfect cooling system

3.thin wall mould making must be under strict quality control for tooling and assembling

4.thin wall mould injection have to choose high MFI plastic resins

Pls feel free to contact us when you need any thin wall moulds or when you need high speed thin wall injection molding solutions.