Turnover Box Mould 008

  • Products Name:Turnover Box Mould 008
  • Date: 2019/12/2 10:44:53
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Turnover Box Mould 008

Plastic crate mould handle area venting solution:this is an important issue, as because when the crate was loaded and the people carried the crate, the two handle area will be the biggest force focused. If on the mould, this area’s air venting is not perfect, there will be a very obviously jointing line, that is a place where the damage always come from.

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Our question are:

do you need a high production performance crate mould?

do you have the automatic ejection function problem in the 4 side collapsible core cola bottle crate mould?

do you want to use the recycled plastic material to molding the single-usecrate?

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